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Suspension of ADA Deposits and Withdrawals



  • Jerome Joseph Bais

    What will happen to transferred ADA pre-suspension that are not appearing in the app?

  • Silvercoin Nina40

    i suspect a long term problem - i have been unable to access my ADA since early March
    Account access blocked/locked until they decide to reset my 2FA

    And yes service desk are aware and told in mid April told me to be patient it will take 2 or 3 days - 

    Take care people

  • Jr6969054

    Transfer ada before the suspension of deposits and nothing that appears in my account

  • Eugene Kunkel

    Any ETA on how long this will be? This is unbelievably frustrating because the only practical way to get funds from my BinanceUS account without spending the insane ERC20 fees (BinanceUS doesn't support TRC20) is either through Cardano or, less preferably, Cosmos. And naturally the ADA wallet was taken down the exact same day that Cardano started rallying. VERY frustrating, especially without you telling us how long this will take. 

  • Cheryl Thomas

    Do we have any estimate of how much longer?
    I transferred some ADA and had no clue this was happening.
    Could a pop-up notification system be used in App to draw people's attention to these disruptions?
    If this had happened I would not have copied my wallet address to do my transfer
    So my transaction is out there in the ether stream.... if not deposited in 48hours transactions I wish would go back to whence they came.... but this is Crypto....


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